Steve Bullock has experience as an expert witness in court and property tax appeal board cases and can provide a range of litigation support services including:

  • Providing an appraisal report;
  • Expert witness testimony (unbiased);

  • Consulting expert (unable to testify as expert witness and protected within attorney's privilege vis-à-vis work product);

  • Providing an independent analysis (appraisal review) of your expert witness or opponent's appraisal report with suggestions on how to effectively emphasize strengths and weaknesses and minimize or overcome weaknesses;

  • Help prepare deposition and/or interrogatory questions to assist in extracting information that may lead to settling a case or to effective cross examination at trial;

  • Help prepare direct examination and/or cross examination outlines and questions that emphasize the strengths and/or weaknesses of a case in an organized manner;

  • Witness and attorney preparation, court room simulations, etc.

  • Assistance as a professional consultant in the court room or property tax appeal board providing "real time" analysis.