We appraise commercial property for a variety of purposes including:

  • REO / foreclosure asset evaluation
  • Dispute resolution (partnership dissolution / zoning issues)
  • Arbitration / Mediation
  • Defaulting CMBS assets
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Sale or asking price determination
  • Financial reporting
  • Buy / sell agreements
  • Divestitures
  • Eminent domain / condemnation
  • Price allocation (business value, real property, personal property)
  • Estate planning, gifting, estate settlements, probate
  • Land utilization studies
  • Retrospective dates of value
  • Determination of investment value based on client's investment criteria
  • Financing / refinancing

Property Types Appraised
Multifamily - Conventional (5+ Units), Condominium Conversion, Mobile Home Park, Boarding House, Halfway House, Homeless Shelter
Industrial - Single Tenant, Multitenant, Distribution, Truck Terminal, Factory, Industrial Park, R&D, Self-Storage, Biotech Lab, Food Processing, Cold Storage
Hospitality - Hotel, Motel, Bed & Breakfast, Timeshare Unit 
Retail - Local, Freestanding, Strip, Neighborhood, Community, Power Center, Lifestyle, Regional Mall
Office - CBD High Rise, Office Park, Single Tenant, Medical, Professional                                  Recreational - Health & Fitness
Special Purpose - Student Housing, Charter School, Restaurant / Bar / Nightclub, Convenience Store, Movie Theatre, Church, Day Care, Greenhouse / Nursery, Lumber Yard, Animal Hospital / Veterinary Clinic, Kennel, Bank Branch, Auto Dealership, Pay Parking Garage / Lot, Corporate Headquarters   
Portfolio Valuations - Properties can be appraised on both an individual basis and/or as a whole.
Vacant Land - Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Subdivided, Acreage, Open Space 

Report Formats                                                                                                                                  Restricted Appraisal Report - this can vary from a verbal estimate of value to a brief narrative report, and is an option when there is only one intended user of the appraisal report.  This is the most common type of appraisal report when services are performed directly for a property owner, prospective buyer or real estate broker. 
Appraisal Report - the appraisal report format provides a detailed discussion or summary of the elements of the report including the information analyzed, appraisal methods and techniques employed, the reasoning that supports the analyses, opinions and conclusions. This report type will typically range from 40 to 100 pages excluding Addenda.  A more comprehensive format may be more appropriate for some high-value property.                                                                                                                           Appraisal Review - this is a report developing and communicating an opinion about the quality of another appraiser's work.                                                                                                             

Evaluation or BPO - this very brief valuation report typically involves a limited-scope of work in which one or more approaches to value are excluded.  This report can be used by banks and other lenders "for transactions that qualify for the appraisal threshold exemption, business loan exemption, or subsequent transaction exemption."  

Report Type and Fee Quotes?
Please call if you'd like a fee quote or help deciding the type of report needed. We can provide any of the above appraisal services based on a predetermined or flat fee basis or you can choose to be billed on an hourly basis.  Our fees and turnaround times are very competitive.